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I changed the header on my Facebook page to show a picture of a little girl having a tea party with her toys.

I used to love having a tea party with my imaginary friends when I was young. I had a little plastic tea set and I used to put green cordial in it and serve it to my guests.

It’s a fitting picture, very pretty.


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I’ve created a Rapid Cycling Facebook Page. Feel free to stop on by to pick up some healthy tips and tricks to building a better life ūüôā

I’ll be sharing things on 12 Step Recovery, Codependency, Sex, Love & Fantasy Addiction, Co-Addiction, Mental Health, Inner Child, Adult Children of Alcoholics and other Dysfunctional Families and some great links to related articles and audios.

I’ll still be writing the bulk of my work here though so if you don’t have a Facebook account, click “sign up” to receive my posts in your inbox.

I look forward to reading all your comments and thank you for stopping by ūüôā

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I was recently¬†thinking about someone who I befriended on Facebook¬†at¬† my last 12 Step meeting because¬†we were talking about how people (me included) don’t commit¬†to things until the last minute¬†or we say NO “just incase” something bad will happen.

She invited me to her birthday party and she is such a lovely person and I am sure her and I would get on very well and I really wanted to go but I was too scared to commit just incase I would wake up on the morning of her party stressed or depressed or my partner would be in a difficult mood causing me to spiral down and I would have to ring up with my tail between my legs.

I made up a million reasons in my head why I simply could not attend even though I wanted to.

I have realised that “maybe” answers are¬†not living my life.¬† By holding back “just incase” the day is sabotaged by a depressive or anxiety episode or someone in my life decides to act out or sabotage my day¬†I am stopping myself from moving forward. I am also scared of¬†letting ¬†people down by “changing my mind” IF one of the above scenarios occurs so it is easier for me to make an excuse that I have something else on or half commit to something.

This has been my behaviour for a few years now and it has only been in the last week or so that I have recognised how damaging it can be to my life and moving forward.

My sister wants me to go wedding dress shopping with her over¬†the other side of the city¬†next Saturday but as usual I always tell her “let u know” etc etc¬†as that side of town can cause me a lot of triggers and I never know if I’ll wake up in a confident mood or not.

One day I’ll have to find the courage to take the plunge and make a committment to something and not think the worst will happen.

I have just gotten honest with myself and admitted my problem with committing to things. Identifying the problem is the first step to recovery and realising you are repeating something over and over again is progress even though you have not rid yourself of your unwanted behaviour.

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