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I’m off to my little sister’s hens night right now and I feel strange inside.

My mind is distant, not present and I feel empty.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the event as I felt that way when I awoke this morning – although it might.

The whole idea of being around a group of people and males in particular is rattling me a bit because I’m going to have to show who I am. Im not sure I can do that tonight. If I do they might like me and they might ask me out but I don’t want them too – I want them to leave me alone!

My barrier is up, I’m the ice queen, come too close and you’ll feel the lash of my tongue!

I’m going to have to do some swift psychological talking to coax me out of my protective mode.

Why so many problems, why can’t I just be me? I want to be at home with my dogs right now, I’m comfortable there, I can relax and feel comfortable and safe.

Sounds so much more appealing than watching glistening Latin dancers pounce around the room.

Why do hens nights always have to be about sex?


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